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Learning Delivery Choices

With today's workforce becoming more and more dispersed, different types of training delivery options are the norm, not the exception.

At Merit, we love facilitating face-to-face trainings in person, but we are just as adept at getting participants engaged online. For some of our clients, we blend these training methods to accomodate a workforce that travels occasionally but can come together for key milestones. We also customize training programs to address business issues, competition, industry and management changes. And now, with a new adaptive learning platform, we also customize trainings for individuals based on what they already know and what they need to spend more time mastering. Learners find this way more relevant and interesting.

In-Person Instructor-Led Training

Our instructors are genuine pros! They love what they do and they really know the ins and outs of modern instructional teaching techniques. All of our programs are designed to engage learners with on-going "audience participation", exercises, games, and information sharing with very specific, course-relevant, immediately applicable content. Our instructors will travel all over the word to lead in-person or run a workshop on line. You can learn more about our team by visiting About Us and scrolling down to the instructor section. You can learn more about each instructor and see the courses they teach.

If you haven't already been following us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube, you can also enjoy learning some fun facts about our instructors in the short "Meet the Team" features. See which one of our instructors writes children's novels, climbs serious mountains, or has sailed ships for a year at a time. We hope you'll check them out and, please follow, connect or like us at: Merit FacebookMerit Linked InMerit TwitterMerit YouTube

Adaptive Learning

Science and biology have had a big impact on learning and development, as well. Adaptive learning has emerged as a result since we now know that when it comes to learning, one size does not fit all. Different learning styles, job experiences, background and skills result in different training needs. With adaptive learning, the pace and content are customized to each learner preventing the boring factor of listening through content one already knows. For a quick intro into how adaptive learning works and why you will benefit from it, read more here or check out our blog article.

Regardless of your needs, we are experienced and successful at training people all over the world in a wide range of topics and styles that are critical to their success.

Let's discuss your situation and develop the perfect solution to improve your teams' skills.

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