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About Merit Career Development

Empowering You Through Education

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About Merit Career Development

Merit Career Development has helped thousands of people around the world increase their knowledge, improve their skills, and enrich their lives through tailored training.

Why We Do What We Do

With our depth and breadth of education and experience, we believe that we can change your world for the better through training. We are a team of professionals who have learned from decades of experience that knowledge is power. We believe it is the power to change the world. We are dedicated to a mission of sharing knowledge through high quality training offered where and when it can make the greatest impact. Our goal is to fill the broadly recognized skills gap in the workplace. This is why we do what we do.

Empowering You to Reach Your Dreams

We are proud of our track record of helping thousands of people across the globe reach their dreams by increasing their knowledge, improving their skills, and enriching their lives through meaningful and relevant trainings tailored to seizing today's opportunities. We design and deliver every course, workshop and module with engaging activites, memorable material, and immediately applicable information.

Our interactive learning experiences, using academically validated and modern adult instructional techniques, unleash the power of your talent. We take the time to understand each client's needs and customize our courses for your organizational objectives.

Further, most Merit courses are eligible for PDU, CEU, CPE and CLP credentials; also helpful in reaching your goals and dreams. Our programs, workshops, lectures and coaching span the fields of project management, leadership, professional development, management, communications, and supply chain management.

Our Instructors

  • John Juzbasich
  • Gail Cooperman
  • Prince Knight
  • Susan Morris
  • Vicki Ferguson
  • Edward Branley
  • Robin L. Hegvik
  • Marci Hackel
  • Pennie Simmons
  • Jean Farlino
  • Frank LaFrazia
  • Robert Elling
  • Robert D. Morton
  • James Ranieri
  • Jaroslaw Sliwinski
  • Ralph Stanberry
  • Cornelius N. Wright

The Management Team

John Juzbasich, D.Ed. ABD, MLD, PMP.
Partner and CEO

James J. Wynne, MBA.
Partner and COO

F. Richard Armento
Director of Project Management/Instructional Designer

Walt Beadling
Sr. Business Development Manager

Gail Cooperman, MLD, BA.
Vice President of Marketing, Instructor

David Hisey, M.S.
Director of IT and Application Development

Academic Advisors

Sandi L. Dinger, PhD. MBA.

Peter Jackson, Ph.D.

John A. Muckstadt, Ph.D.

Dave Murray, Ph.D.

Denise Potosky, PhD.