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Strategic Management with SimulTrain®


From STS, the technology company that brought us SimulTrain® for Project Management training (with simulation) comes its latest new product, SimulTrain® Strategic Management. Finally, a super realistic and engaging, immediately applicable learning opportunity for all people with management responsibilities, not just project managers.

We think you're going to love this! Here's why...

Leveraging its wealth of multimedia interactions, SimulTrain® Strategic Management creates a genuine and somewhat stressful environment - just as in real life. Players truly experience the joy of competition and working under pressure. And they're learning valuable skills they'll take back to the workplace the next day.

This simulation program puts you, the "player", instantly in charge of multiple projects to manage and ensure they meet their objectives on time and on budget. You will make vital decisions (without the consequences of making a mistake in your real job), gain skills to prioritize and optimize the portfolio of projects. In this simulation "game", you will strengthen your skills in reacting to fast changing situations, risks and opportunities. These skills will help you maximize return on investment - which will be highly valued by you, your supervisors, and the organization's leaders.

How It Works

Teams of four trainees compete in leading a five-year project portfolio: selecting projects, prioritizing them, reacting to risks and opportunities, and making decisions in a dynamic, serious game. They immediately see the consequences of the decisions they make. Interacting with a professional Merit trainer and learning-by-doing, reinforce the acquired technical and managerial skills.

Taking part in the game enables players to acquire technical and leadership experience and gain:

  • Knowledge of the key challenges of managing a portfolio of projects;
  • An understanding of the scarcity/bottleneck of portfolio finances, resources, and time;
  • The ability to balance/prioritize strategic value, NPV, cash balance, payback, and others;
  • The ability to implement changes, and to react to risks and opportunities;
  • The ability to use the soft skills to lead teams and/or organization successfully;
  • The ability to make decisions in a group, including in stressful situations.

Skills You'll Develop

SimulTrain® players will gain valuable hands-on experience in:

  • Decision-making
  • Project selection
  • Project portfolio planning
  • Resource allocation
  • Project portfolio execution
  • Execution controlling
  • Reporting

By the end of the simulation, you will:

  • Be analytical in your choice of projects and priorities for a company;
  • Plan, balance, and optimize human and financial resources;
  • Use main project and strategic management indicators;
  • Monitor and control the progress of project;
  • React to fast-changing situations, risks, and opportunities;
  • Make decisions in groups, including in stressful situations.

SimulTrain® Strategic Management is also an ideal tool for team building and getting leadership experience.

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